Don’t take it from us … take it from our patients! Here’s what patients and their families are saying about Dr. Frazier and his staff.

Two of our children received braces from Frazier Orthodontics. The results are wonderful; they both have beautiful new smiles. The entire process was done very efficiently with convenient office hours, punctual services, and a length of treatment exactly what Dr. Frazier predicted. Dr. Frazier and his entire staff were always professional, caring, and very efficient. A great experience with wonderful results! — Lynn T.

It was a wonderful experience being a patient at Frazier Orthodontics. The entire staff was nice, caring, and knowledgeable. Dr. Frazier was great in explaining in detail my case and the process I needed to complete to get my desired results. Thanks to Dr. Frazier and his staff, I have a wonderful smile that I show every day! Thank you so much!!  Dana F.

I had been conscious of the spaces between my teeth for years. Braces had been suggested 10 years prior, but with two kids about to need them I figured I could wait. The process seemed daunting at first, but I only had the braces on for 18 months. By this time, in my late 40s, that 18 months went by quickly. Im pleased with the results and I wish I had gone ahead with the braces 10 years earlier … but better late than never. — Paul T.

Our family could not have asked for a better experience than what we had with Dr. Frazier and his staff. My teenaged son and daughter both agree that they had a great experience. I can only describe Dr. Frazier and his staff as professional, experienced, accommodating, and patient. Thanks for giving my children wonderful smiles!  Elissa B.

I avoided having my bite corrected for 40 years, as I was told it would require major orthodontic surgery. Then my dentist referred me to Dr. Frazier, who informed me that he could correct my orthodontic problem with braces alone. I was leery about having to wear braces at the age of 55 and even skeptical as to the outcome. I found that the braces Dr. Frazier used were easy to live with, and the result was far beyond my expectations!!! My bite was completely corrected!! In addition to being extremely competent and highly professional, Dr. Frazier is also very personable and caring. These accolades also apply to his staff, who I found to be unbelievably responsive, competent, and caring. I cant recommend Dr. Frazier highly enough. — Stephen K.

Dr. Fraziers office has such a warm and professional environment. After a year and a half of having my braces removed, I am so much more confident about my smile. I would definitely recommend Dr. Frazier to my friends and family. — Lashon S.

When my dentist insisted I needed orthodontic treatment to correct serious problems with my teeth, I was not looking forward to the experience of being an adult with braces; however, if I was going to go through the process, I wanted the best outcome possible. I visited several orthodontists and chose Frazier Orthodontics for several reasons:
1) Instead of telling me there was an easy way out, they told me honestly what to expect and how long it would take.
2) Dr. Frazier spotted problems with my teeth none of the others noticed. I believed he would not be satisfied with anything less than the best outcome.
3) The practice was exceptionally well-managed and the staff was knowledgeable, caring, and personable.

Once I decided to go ahead, I never regretted my decision. The staff helped me every step of the way, were accommodating, and gave me fun rewards like gift cards for taking care of my teeth! Dr. Frazier was always personally involved in my treatments and appointments, and I am overjoyed with the result. I recommend Frazier Orthodontics without hesitation.  Ellen W.